Leadership and Innovation Learning Institute (LiLi)

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About Us


Leadership and Innovation Learning Institute FZ-LLC (LiLi) focuses on Key Adult Learning Principles & Recognizes the value and benefits of employees training. Lili’s methodology is to provide customized training & deliver the course aptly, so that employees will be more resourceful, contributing towards business outcome through efficiency & utilizing their resources with atmost. LiLi training leads to improved compliance with discipline. Results to have happier, more satisfied and loyal employees.


LiLi promotes a culture of excellence, aiming to serve an active role by providing Impressive, Innovative and Consistent training and consultation solutions to maximize the employee’s Loyalty, Engagement, and Productivity.


To develop new innovative training solutions. To Nurture a positive mindset of the organization and its people. Through Lili’s innovative consultation and training solutions, it contributes meaningfully in improving organizations, and their employees engagement and performance. To bring outstanding advanced and sustainable services to our partners, client`s and their employees. Which will assist them to be the best value provider in their associated sector. LiLi implies core values and high standards, diverse professional consultants and instructors, and profound expertise to the betterment of partners, stakeholder`s and community.


Approachable because We pay attention and deliver effective results, Determined as we intend to maintain utmost ethics in all we do, Comprehensive because  We mirror your interpretations in our planning and activities, we know how to be Professional, Our choices are suggestive and proficient, We take Responsiblelty, We are authentic and perform with honor

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